Alabama IKEA Accident Lawyers

alabama ikea accident lawyers

Have you, or your child, sibling or spouse, been injured at one of the many IKEA stores throughout the state of Alabama? Did the accident result in injuries causing you to miss time at work? Did they result in huge medical bills? Are you suffering chronic physical pain or emotional discomfort? Did the injury aggravate a pre-existing injury? If so, you may be entitled to benefits and financial compensation under Alabama personal injury law. These can be medical care benefits, surgery, medication and therapy care benefits, lost wage compensation and pain and suffering compensation. If death was the result of the accident the decedents estate may be able to obtain death, funeral and survival benefits. If you sustained an on the job injury at IKEA you may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits per the Alabama Department of Labor. To determine what benefits, medical care benefits and forms of financial compensation you are entitled to you will need our Alabama IKEA accident lawyers.

Please click here to contact our team of Birmingham, Alabama IKEA Accident Lawyers today for a free initial consultation. Our AL IKEA injury attorneys charge no fee unless they recover for you and your family. They proudly serve those hurt at IKEA stores in all of Alabama including Birmingham, Mobile, Huntsville, Montgomery, Dothan, Gulf Shores and Tuscaloosa.

IKEA Recalls

In the last decade more and more IKEA stores are popping up all over the place. Large metro areas and states that never had an IKEA before now have multiple. IKEA makes very cost effective and practical furniture that is easy to assemble. Sometimes in their haste to launch a product design flaws are either overlooked or IKEA never even considered the fact that its product was faulty and could injure or kill someone. This complete negligence on IKEA’s part may help you to obtain medical care and compensation for injuries resulting from their products. Recent examples are:

Kullen 3 drawer dresser: any made after August 2019 do not meet updated USA concensus standards. This can allow the drawer to tip over, trapping and injuring anyone who is near it.

MATVRA bib red & blue 2-pak: the bib snap can detach causing the baby to choke on it. Two wrongful death cases have been made worldwide.

MALM dressers and other IKEA dressers have been recalled due to a tipping hazard much like the KULLEN dresser. More than 29 million of these have been recalled since June 2016. Many of these were made as early as 2002.

There are more. Dozens more in fact. Well over 30 million pieces of furniture have been voluntarily recalled by IKEA. For a more complete list of IKEA recalls please click here.

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