Anencephaly Caused By Roundup Weedkiller

anencephaly caused by roundup weedkiller

If you, or your child, have suffered any type of illness or injury due to Roundup herbicide you may be entitled to benefits and financial compensation. The manufacturer of Roundup weedkiller, Monsanto, failed to put warning labels on the commonly used herbicide when it was brought to market several decades ago. The birth defect anencephaly has been linked to Roundup weedkiller exposure recently. If your baby was born with anencephaly caused by Roundup weedkiller contact our birth defect injury attorneys immediately.

What it costs the parents of birth defect victims to retain an attorney should not be a concern as our birth injury lawyers provide free case examinations no matter how complex your case is. Also, our birth defect lawyers charge no fees if they do not recover on behalf of you and your baby.

What Is Anencephaly?

By medical definition anencephaly is a birth defect in which the child is born with an underdeveloped brain and an incomplete skull. The brain and spinal cord are formed by a structure called the neural tube. A defect in the neural tube can result in a baby being born with anencephaly. Babies born with this can be stillborn or in some cases they may live for a few hours. There is no cure for this birth defect. Statistically 1 in about 4,600 children in the United States are born with anencephaly.

What Causes Anencephaly?

Some of these cases are due to genetic disorders or a change in their genes or chromosomes while in utero. Other cases, as is the case with Roundup weedkiller exposure, things the mother may be exposed to, or exposes her fetus to, can result in this birth defect. The active ingredient in Roundup is glysophate and it is a known carcinogen and very harmful teratogen.

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