If you, or a loved one, has suffered an aneurysm or had an aneurysm misdiagnosed please call and connect with our aneurysm injury attorneys handling claims nationwide. Aneurysms can be grounds for medical malpractice claims depending on what caused it and the diagnostic process. Free case reviews and no fees if we are unable to recover compensation, lost wages and medical care for you.

You’re life may never be the same after an aneurysm and in many cases they result in death. Our medical negligence attorneys will review your case completely and discern what the full dollar value of your claim is based on various factors. These can be pain and suffering compensation benefits, lost wages, loss of consortium, loss of parental guidance and medical benefits.

An aneurysm, aka called brain aneurysms, are a bulges in blood vessel(s) in the brain and resembles a berry hanging from a stem. They can burst causing bleeding into the brain. These are called hemorrhagic strokes.

Typically brain aneurysms occurs in the space between the brain and the thin tissues covering the brain. These are called a subarachnoid hemorrhage strokes.

Let Our Brain Aneurysm Attorneys Help

Our team of brain injury lawyers offer free case exams and charge nothing if they cannot obtain benefits and financial compensation for you and your family. If you lost a loved one you may be able to get death benefits, funeral service benefits and survival action benefits.

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