Was your child born with only one eye? Was he or she born without both eyes or their eyes did not fully develop in the womb? Children born with these birth defects are often blind or have very poor eyesight and can have a lifetime of medical procedures and need long term care. You may be entitled to benefits and financial compensation depending on the origin of the defect. You need the help of our child injury attorneys handling anopthalmia lawsuits nationwide.

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Anopthalmia & Micropthalmia Statistics

Research and studies by the CDC show that 1 in about 5,200 children born in the United States is born with one of these conditions. These can develop as individual, isolated defects or with other birth defects. They can also be present in certain birth defect syndromes.

Causes Of Anopthalmia & Micropthalmia Lawsuits

The causes of both of these birth defects are not fully known but some cases can be traced back to the fetus being exposed to teratogens during pregnancy. A teratogen is any toxic substance, chemical or medication that can harm the baby while in the womb. Examples are the acne medication Accutane and the sedative thalidomide.

Diagnosing Anopthalmia & Micropthalmia

Both anophthalmia and microphthalmia are able to be diagnosed during pregnancy or immediately after birth. Throughout the pregnancy, doctors can often determine if anophthalmia and or microphthalmia are present. An ultrasound or a CT scan (special x-ray test) and sometimes with certain genetic testing can be performed before birth. After birth, a doctor can identify anophthalmia and microphthalmia by examining the baby. A doctor will also perform a thorough physical exam to look for any other birth defects that may be present.

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