Hypoxic Brain Injury

Brain Injury Lawsuits

When the brain does not get sufficient oxygen flow for a period of time, it can result in a hypoxic brain injury. If the period of time is long enough this can significantly reduce the victim’s quality of life and earning ability. Ultimately the victim may require years of specialized and costly medical care. In a situation as dire as this you need the help of our experienced hypoxic brain injury lawyers.

If a loved one, or family member, has suffered a hypoxic brain injury as the result of a drowning accident, problems during birth, an undiagnosed heart attack or another cause, you may be eligible for compensation. Please contact our team of brain injury attorneys immediately for a free consultation. They serve the entire country including Alabama, California, Delaware, Maryland, Texas, Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio, New York and New Jersey.

Strong Advocacy For Brain Injury Victims

The traumatic brain injury attorneys on our team, conduct litigation in complex personal injury cases. We have considerable experience in cases involving all types of brain injuries and access to the medical knowledge necessary to pursue such litigation. We are committed to giving each case the attention it deserves and in obtaining the best possible result for every client.

The Impact Of A Hypoxic Brain Injury On Your Life

A hypoxic injury occurs when the oxygen flow to the brain is constricted but not completely cut off. In this respect it differs from an anoxic brain injury, which is caused by the complete cessation of oxygen flow. The effects of either type of injury are generally the same however. Victims may suffer the following effects:

  • Loss of short-term memory
  • Inability to concentrate
  • Impaired reasoning skills
  • Decreased motor and coordination skills
  • Difficulty speaking

No matter what effects you suffer from following your hypoxic brain injury please contact our team of personal injury attorneys and let them get you the benefits and financial compensation you are entitled to.

Recovering From A Hypoxic Brain Injury

Some victims of hypoxic brain injuries can make remarkable progress. With the help of a life-care planner, our personal injury attorneys will identify all of the medical care, rehabilitation services and personal services the victim will need, now and in the future. This could include physical therapy, speech therapy, vocational therapy and other needs. We will then seek full compensation for these costs, as well as damages for all other loses, including loss of quality of life.

Contact A Hypoxic Brain Injury Lawyer

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