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An injury to the pons, which is a part of the brain that regulates sleep, breathing and bladder control among other things, can impact your daily life for the rest of your life after the accident. It warrants the help of an experienced personal injury attorney handling who has handled catastrophic injury claims before. Please contact our brain injury lawyers now for a free consultation.

Let our brain injury lawyers review your case free of charge. They charge no fees unless they recover on your behalf. They serve all 50 states including Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Arizona, California, Iowa, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Florida, New York, New Jersey, Ohio, Georgia, Michigan and Minnesota.

Pons Anatomy

The pons is part of the brainstem, and in humans and other bipeds lies between the midbrain (above) and the medulla oblongata (below) and in front of the cerebellum.

The pons is also called the pons Varolii (“bridge of Varolius”), after the Italian anatomist and surgeon Costanzo Varolio (1543–75). This region of the brainstem includes neural pathways or tracts that conduct signals from the brain down to the cerebellum and medulla, and tracts that carry the sensory signals up into the thalamus.

The pons in humans measures about 2.5 centimetres (0.98 in) in length. Most of it appears as a broad anterior bulge rostralto the medulla. Posteriorly, it consists mainly of two pairs of thick stalks called cerebellar peduncles. They connect the cerebellum to the pons and midbrain.

The pons contains nuclei that relay signals from the forebrain to the cerebellum, along with nuclei that deal primarily with sleep, respiration, swallowing, bladder control, hearing, equilibrium, taste, eye movement, facial expressions, facial sensation, and posture.

Within the pons is the pneumotaxic center consisting of the subparabrachial and the medial parabrachial nuclei. This center regulates the change from inhalation to exhalation. The pons is implicated in sleep paralysis, and also plays a role in generating dreams.

Determining The Value Of Your Brain Injury Claim

With a brain injury, much like other catastrophic injury claims, it takes time to establish the full value of your claim. There are many factors involved such as current and future lost wages, current and future medical expenses, long term care costs, vocational rehab costs, pain and suffering costs, diminished quality of life and others. Our team of personal injury lawyers will take every necessary factor into consideration and get you the full fair and just amount of compensation you are entitled to.

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