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If you, or a loved one, has been the victim of medical malpractice and suffered an injury during a craniotomy please connect with our craniotomy surgery malpractice lawyers right away.

You may be entitled to benefits, medical care, damage recovery and financial compensation for injuries, lost wages, physical pain, emotional suffering as well as medical benefits. Our craniotomy surgery malpractice lawyers serve all 50 states: DE, DC, MD, VA, NV, PA, NJ, CA, TX, SC.

When Is A Craniotomy Medically Indicated?

When someone has brain swelling due to trauma, assault, being in an accident, medical malpractice or nursing home abuse a craniotomy may be done to relieve the swelling.

Sadly, mothers whose child dies during birth may have to endure their dead fetus having a craniotomy to remove it from the womb. In addition to the emotional torment this procedure can also physically harm the mother.

Craniotomy Risks & Medical Malpractice

Any medical procedure involving the brain is risky as the brain, along with the spinal cord make up the Central Nervous System. If a craniotomy is needed for a person older than age 65, or those in nursing homes, the risk of brain injury, paralysis and accidental death rise significantly.

Benefits In Surgical Error Claims

In craniotomy injury cases there can be several different benefits such as lost wages, medical expenses related to the surgery, pain and suffering compensation. Contacting our surgical error injury attorneys is a wise move as they will completely analyze your claim and get you the benefits and financial compensation you are entitled to.

Brain Surgery Wrongful Death Lawsuits

In almost all types of brain injury or brain surgery cases there is a huge risk of permanent damage and accidental or wrongful death. If you have lost a loved one due to brain surgery malpractice please contact our Delaware wrongful death lawyers.

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