Defective Auto Parts

Automobiles of all types are made up of tens of thousands of parts, fasteners and safety devices such as air bags and seatbelts. Many of these parts are flawed in design and a malfunction can result in severe injury and wrongful death. Unfortunately faulty car parts and safety implements are used in every make and model of vehicle everyday in the United States. Car, truck and motorcycle manufacturers such as GM, Ford, BMW, Honda, Toyota and Harley Davidson will often recall these products but unfortunately only once dozens of people are injured or killed. The auto industry is as culpable as the pharmaceutical industry when it comes to favoring profit and greed over customer welfare. Recently Acura, Chevrolet, Audi and others recalled hundreds of thousands of Takata airbags that were broken and injuring and killing motorists worldwide. If you feel that your auto accident, or accidental death of a loved one, was due to a defective automobile product please contact our injury lawyers for a free case review. They charge no fees unless they recover compensation for you.