Doctor Darius Paduch Lawsuits

Dr. Darius Paduch, a urologist who practiced at New York hospitals, abused patients of all ages under the cover of “medical treatment” and “educational instruction.”

How did Dr. Darius Paduch Abused His Victims?

Dr. Paduch, who received his education in Poland and the United States, began practicing in the early 2000s. He specialized in male infertility and sexual dysfunction at New York-Presbyterian Hospital / Weill Cornell Medical Center before moving to Northwell Health in Long Island in 2019.

Dr. Paduch exploited his patients in the examination room under the guise of medical treatment. One victim reported that, at 16 years old, the doctor exposed him to pornography, performed sexual acts on him, and demanded he send videos of himself masturbating. Other victims reported instances of Dr. Paduch pressing against them while masturbating them and making inappropriate sexual advances.

Additionally, Dr. Paduch recruited a high school student as an intern, forcing the intern to watch him masturbate other patients under the pretext of “clinical instruction.” Like many predators, Dr. Paduch concealed his abuse and assault under the veil of legitimacy.

Who is liable for Dr. Paduch’s actions?

In New York, a doctor’s employer is responsible for ensuring the safety of patients and students seeking treatment and using its facilities. The employer should be held accountable if its employee commits crimes that harm patients, and the employer either knew or should have known about the danger posed by the employee.

There is reason to believe both New York Presbyterian and Northwell Health were aware of Dr. Paduch’s risk to patients due to prior reports of concerning conduct, yet took no protective action.

Filing deadlines

The New York Adult Survivors Act outlines specific deadlines for filing lawsuits concerning abuse experienced as an adult. Survivors have until they turn 55 to file a lawsuit against the perpetrator and an institution if the abuse occurred after 2018, or if they were under 21 as of February 14, 2018. In other cases, survivors must file lawsuits by November 23, 2023, if the abuse took place before 2018 or if they were over 21 as of February 14, 2018.

If you or someone you know was molested or sexually abused by Dr. Darius Paduch, you now have rights under the law, and our attorneys take hold of those rights and battle to the end to ensure you get the justice and maximum compensation you deserve.