Illinois Roundup Weedkiller Usage

Roundup is a very common herbicide and Weedkiller used in home gardens, on farms, school property, golf courses, parks and nurseries. It contains a carcinogen called glyphosate and the makers of Roundup, Monsanto chemical company owned by Bayer, failed to warn users of the health hazards and cancer causing effects of the product. Due to the tens of thousands of home gardeners, agricultural workers, farmers, nursery workers, agronomists and groundskeepers have developed Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and other cancers as a result. Please contact our injury attorneys for a free case review as you may qualify for benefits and financial compensation. The state of Illinois ranks #1 for annual Roundup Weedkiller usage. They handle IL Roundup lawsuits as well as all other states, DC and PR.

How Does Roundup Cause Cancer?

Roundup itself does not cause cancer but an ingredient in it does. That ingredient is glyphosate and it is a suspected carcinogen according to the World Health Organization. As with all carcinogens glyphosate disrupts and alters cellular metabolism. It also damages DNA inside the cell which negatively impacts biological processes. This disruption interferes with biological processes within the effected cells. The unbridled and rapid proliferation of cells leads to tumors i.e. cancer.