Iowa Zantac Cancer Claims

iowa zantac cancer claims

Zantac, and it’s active ingredient ranitidine, is a heartburn medication sold in prescription form as well as over the counter. It is also referred to as an antacid and for years was one of the most commonly prescribed and OTC meds in the United States. For years doctors and patients, including pregnant women, thought it was safe for consumption and daily use. They were wrong. There are claims that it has the carcinogen NDMA which is used to induce cancer in lab animals. It is a suspected human carcinogen as well. Recently drug stores and pharmacies such as CVS and Walgreen’s have stopped selling Zantac in commercial and generic forms. One of the largest manufacturers of Zantac and generic ranitidine is Sanofi-Novartis. Please contact our medication injury attorneys if you believe your cancer was caused by the heartburn and ulcer medication Zantac. They handle Iowa Zantac cancer claims as well as Zantac injury lawsuits in all other states, Puerto Rico & Washington DC.

Zantac can cause all types of cancer in adults as well as unborn children. More and more boys are developing testicular cancer around 7-8 years of age if their mom took Zantac while pregnancy.

In addition, Zantac is directly linked to bladder cancer, throat cancer, leukemia, lymphoma, brain cancer, stomach cancer and others. Let our drug injury attorneys handling Iowa Zantac cancer lawsuits nationwide fight for you.

Zantac Also Contains A Teratogen

The term teratogen is a medical term used to describe a chemical, substance, compound or environmental factor that is harmful to a fetus. The carcinogen NDMA is also a teratogen as it is linked to testicular cancer in newborn males whose mom took Zantac while pregnant. In addition, males can develop testicular cancer due to Zantac exposure in the womb all the way through their toddler years. This is alarming as with Zantac removed from the equation the youngest age a male can develop cancer is age 15. A cancer diagnosis, even an easily treatable one such as testicular cancer, is hard enough on an adult which makes it exponentially more traumatic for a child. If your child has been born with, or diagnosed with, testicular cancer and you think it is due to Zantac exposure please contact our Des Moines, Iowa Zantac cancer attorneys for a free case eval.

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