Neurological Conditions

Although we trust doctors to help us stay healthy and get well, doctors sometimes make mistakes. While some mistakes have few consequences, others severely affect the health and wellbeing of patients. This is particularly true for patients displaying neurological symptoms.Misdiagnosed Neurological Conditions

Neurological conditions are often misdiagnosed because the symptoms are generic. However, with the proper medical examination and scans, a doctor can correctly diagnose a patient’s medical issue. Unfortunately, some doctors are not always as careful as they should be, and this can lead to a misdiagnosis.

Neurological Conditions Seen In Medical Malpractice Claims

  • Multiple Sclerosis (MS) – MS occurs when the immune system eats away the protective covering around nerves in the central nervous system. Scans of MS patients often show lesions around the spinal cord. Since not all spinal cord lesions indicate MS, this can lead to misdiagnosis.
  • Epilepsy – Research shows that as many as 25% of patients referred to epilepsy centers were misdiagnosed. A leading cause of epilepsy misdiagnosis is the misinterpretation of a patient’s electroencephalogram or EEG.
  • Stroke – Because identifying and treating strokes is time sensitive for the survival of the patients, many emergency rooms misdiagnose strokes. The symptoms of a stroke can be confused with the symptoms of a condition called Bell’s Palsy. A proper neurological exam can help determine the correct diagnosis.
  • Dementia – It may be difficult to believe dementia can be misdiagnosed, but it does happen. Elderly patients can suffer from late-life depression, which can cause cognitive impairment similar to dementia.
  • Migraines – Many migraines are misdiagnosed as sinusitis, or a sinus infection. Misdiagnosis can cause patients to suffer through ineffective treatments.

The best way for doctors to avoid a misdiagnosis is to collect a detailed patient history, perform a thorough neurological exam, and utilize appropriate medical tests and scans. Failing to do so could cause significant harm to the patient or even death.

Attorneys for Misdiagnosed Neurological Conditions

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